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Ballet Conservatory of Asheville -- Summer Intensive
Join us this summer in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina for a four week ballet intensive unlike any other. Ages 10 and up. Room & Board available. Admission by audition and DVD.
Ballet Conservatory of Asheville -- Pre-Professional Training
BCA's Pre-Professional division prepares dancers ages 9 and up for careers in the dance profession, post-secondary dance programs and universities, conservatories, and other top pre-professional programs.
Children's Program
Ballet Conservatory of Asheville -- Children's Program
Our classes for children 3 and up include ballet, pointe, modern, tap, broadway jazz, & hip-hop. Our talented young dancers often perform in the Nutcracker and Spring ballets. Children with a serious interest in ballet may want to learn more our Beginner Pre-Professional program.
Boys Program
Ballet Conservatory of Asheville -- Boys Program
BCA offers boys ages 7 and up a robust program of dance. Our experience has shown that well-trained boys are often offered full scholarships to many of the finest summer intensive programs. Boys also play important roles in many of BCA's ballets, especially the Nutcracker.
Teens + Adults
Ballet Conservatory of Asheville -- Teens Adults
Our teens enjoy classes in ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop. These classes are open to anyone and include beginner and intermediate level dancers.
We Simply Love Dance
Ballet Conservatory of Asheville
Whether you're enrolled in our Children's program, our Pre-Professional division or just want to take a class for fun, dancers at BCA have one thing in common: They just love to dance.

The Biggest Ballets ... The Best Productions

BCA's Nutcracker 2009

Ballet Conservatory Of Asheville Nutcracker 2009Originally Scheduled for December 18, 2009 -- Actually Performed December 22, 2009

BCA's first Nutcracker -- and it's first large-scale production -- had its fair share of challenges, including a massive snowstorm. But in spite of having to postpone the two Friday shows until the following Tuesday, BCA's Nutcracker 2009 was a huge hit. The production featured Cassie Woods as Clara/Sugar Plum Fairy & Miles Sollars-White as her Cavalier. The shows were performed at the Diana Wortham Theatre.

Download the Nutcracker 2009 program.

The Nutcracker: The Greatest Holiday Classic

About The Nutcracker

Music by Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Original Choreography by Marius Petipa & Lev Ivanov

Restaged by Wayne Burritt & Angie Lynn

First Presented December 18, 1892 at the Imperial Maryinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia

Act I

The curtain opens to reveal the Stahlbaums' house, where a Christmas Eve party is under way. Clara, her little brother Fritz, and their mother and father are celebrating with friends and family, when Clara's mysterious godfather, Herr Drosselmeyer enters. He quickly produces a large bag of gifts for all the children. All are very happy, except for Clara, who has yet to be presented a gift. Herr Drosselmeyer gathers everyone around and tells the story of the Nutcracker and the Mouse King. The children are fascinated. Herr Drosselmeyer then produces life-size dolls, which each take a turn to dance. When the dances are done, Clara approaches Herr Drosselmeyer asking for her gift. It would seem that he is out of presents, and Clara, while still quite happy, gently hints to Drosselmeyer that she would like a toy. Drosselmeyer then produces a Nutcracker, in the traditional shape of a soldier in full parade uniform. Clara is overjoyed, but her brother Fritz is jealous, and breaks the Nutcracker. The party ends, the guests leave, and the Stahlbaum family goes to bed. After everyone is asleep, Clara creeps downstairs to have a look at her beloved Nutcracker. When the clock strikes midnight, she hears the sound of mice. She wakes up and tries to run away, but the mice stop her. A conflict ensues and Clara helps the Nutcracker win the battle with the Mouse King. The mice retreat, taking their dead leader with them. The Nutcracker is then transformed into a prince. Clara and the Prince travel to a world where dancing Snowflakes greet them, welcoming Clara and the Prince into their world. The curtain falls on Act I.

Act II

Clara and the Prince arrive at the Kingdom of Sweets, ruled by the Sugar Plum Fairy. The Fairy and the people of the Kingdom of Sweets perform several dances for Clara and the Prince: a Spanish Dance, an Arabian Dance, a Chinese Dance, a Russian Dance, a Marzipan Dance, Mother Ginger's Dance, the Waltz of the Flowers, and the Grand Pas de Deux. After the Grand Pas de Deux, everyone dances a joyous Final Waltz. The ballet ends with Clara waking up with the Nutcracker toy in her arms, safe and sound in her house.


Clara – Cassie Woods**

Mr. Stalhbaum – Harry Bryan

Mrs. Stalhbaum – Jan Luquire

Fritz – Gavin Reep

Party Parents - Lisa Harris, Mark Morris, Ron Obersky, Alexis Rosenfelt, Wayne Tipton, Victoria Rose Tripp

Party Children – Full BCA Company

Drosselmeier – Christopher Lynn

Dolls – Michelle Troszak**, Maria Papakonstantinou**

Mouse Queen – Azana Green^

Mice – Ava Blane Spiegel^, Emma Cory^, Abbey Darras^, Amanda Evans^, Katie Foley^, Erin Ikelheimer^, Kayla Schmitt^

Soldiers – Sarah Adams^, Acacia Dayton^, Allison Hinshaw^, Darcey Lynn^, Jessica Lynn^, Gavin Reep^, Gracelyn Ross^, Lydia Williams^

Prince – Miles Sollars-White

Angels –Jane Emerson Andry, Ruby Cartwright, Eliette Crenshaw, Lily Dowd, Nicole Evans, Emily Foley, Amalie Garces, Malena Gianni, Hazel Grotenhuis, Laney Hinshaw, Elliotte Kerns, Gillian Kerns, Flora Konz, Kimberly Krout, Audrey Lynn, Katie Mcnabb-Friedmann, Ava Menkes, Celia Merrifield, Ada Miles, Lilith Mueller, Maya Philips, Marybeth Pool, Hope Robinson, Chloe Russell, Anna Kierstin Smith, Lily Sullivan, Leann Tullock, Phebe Wood, Mary Victoria Young

Snow - Sayres Alspaugh*, Genevieve Book*, Danielle DeJournett*, Emmeline Duft*, Lilian Eselgroth*, Sarah Foley*, Shannon Grady*, Lexie Moore*, Mia Richardson*, Katie Thompson*, Olivia Weidie*, Lindsey Wiggins*

Sugar Plum Fairy –Cassie Woods**

Spanish – Bailey Butters**, Noelle Lee**, Michelle Troszak**

Arabian – Sarah McGinnis

Russian – Maria Papakonstantinou**

Chinese – Sarah Foley^, Mia Richardson^

Marzipan – Bailey Butters**, Caroline Carlton**, Noelle Lee**

Flower Waltz – Bailey Butters**, Noelle Lee**, Michelle Troszak**, Caroline Carlton**, Maria Papakonstantinou**

Mother Ginger- Gene Mcnabb-Friedmann

Mother Ginger Kids – Ivy Anderson, Sophie Feinblatt, Tess Joerling, Samantha Maultsby, Kate Parsons, Maddy Rentz, Anna Russell, Nella Sharpe, Ellie Sieburg, Ava Stamey, Rosy Tate, Summer Willard, Mya Rose Willover

** Senior Company

*Youth Company

^Junior Company