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Ballet Conservatory of Asheville -- Summer Intensive
Join us this summer in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina for a four week ballet intensive unlike any other. Ages 10 and up. Room & Board available. Admission by audition and DVD.
Ballet Conservatory of Asheville -- Pre-Professional Training
BCA's Pre-Professional division prepares dancers ages 9 and up for careers in the dance profession, post-secondary dance programs and universities, conservatories, and other top pre-professional programs.
Children's Program
Ballet Conservatory of Asheville -- Children's Program
Our classes for children 3 and up include ballet, pointe, modern, tap, broadway jazz, & hip-hop. Our talented young dancers often perform in the Nutcracker and Spring ballets. Children with a serious interest in ballet may want to learn more our Beginner Pre-Professional program.
Boys Program
Ballet Conservatory of Asheville -- Boys Program
BCA offers boys ages 7 and up a robust program of dance. Our experience has shown that well-trained boys are often offered full scholarships to many of the finest summer intensive programs. Boys also play important roles in many of BCA's ballets, especially the Nutcracker.
Teens + Adults
Ballet Conservatory of Asheville -- Teens Adults
Our teens enjoy classes in ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop. These classes are open to anyone and include beginner and intermediate level dancers.
We Simply Love Dance
Ballet Conservatory of Asheville
Whether you're enrolled in our Children's program, our Pre-Professional division or just want to take a class for fun, dancers at BCA have one thing in common: They just love to dance.

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BCA's Coppelia a Pure Delight!

Ballet Conservatory Of Asheville Coppelia

June 2-3, 2011

The Diana Wortham Theatre was packed for three straight shows as BCA presented the delightful ballet, "Coppelia". Featuring Sarah London, Miles Sollars-White, Chris Lynn and talented dancers from BCA's Pre-professional division, this comic ballet told the wonderful story of a girl and boy who fall in love, a mysterious toy maker and a magical toyshop.

Download the Coppelia 2011 program.

Coppelia: The Girl with Enamel Eyes

About Coppelia

Music by Leo Delibes

Original Choreography by Arthur Saint-Leon

Restaged by Wayne Burritt & Angie Lynn

First Presented May 25, 1870 at the Paris Opera, Paris, France

Act I

In a small European town several hundred years ago, a lovely young girl, Coppelia, is reading a book in the balcony of the strange Dr. Coppelius� toyshop. Swanhilda, a beautiful village maiden, tries to attract her attention, but to no avail. Her friends enter and also try without success. Franz, Swanhilda's boyfriend, thinking he�s alone enters and blows Coppelia a kiss. Swanhilda sees this and becomes furious with Franz. Everyone leaves as the village girls dance a lively mazurka. The Mayor � with entourage � enters and says he will provide gold dowries to all couples who marry. Asked if she will marry Franz, the pouting Swanhilda puts a sheaf of corn to her ear. As legend goes, the corn will tell her if he is faithful or not. Sadly, ear is silent. Swanhilda�s friends dance as do the village children. Dr. Coppelius comes out and is immediately swirled away by a boisterous band of boys and drops his key. Swanhilda and her friends find the key, give way to curiosity, and enter the strange toyshop. Franz � determined to meet Coppelia � finds a ladder and enters the toyshop from above.

Act II

Swanhilda and her friends enter the wonderful, mysterious toyshop of Dr. Coppelius and begin playing with the life-size dolls. A furious Dr. Coppelius enters and the culprits flee, except Swanhilda, who runs into Coppelia�s alcove. Dr. Coppelius discovers Franz as he enters through the window. Franz explains that he loves Coppelia, but Dr. Coppelius has a better idea: He gets the boy drunk on a secret potion in order to use his Life-force to bring his dolls to life. When the unsuspecting Franz passes out, Dr. Coppelius brings what he thinks is Coppelia from her alcove. However, Swanhilda has changed places with the doll. The deluded Dr. Coppelius believes his beloved has come to life. Swanhilda dances then begins upsetting the toyshop. Dr. Coppelius tries to calm her by commanding his Spanish and Scottish dolls to dance. Swanhilda then reveals the hoax, awakens Franz and they both flee from the toyshop. The act closes as Dr. Coppelius weeps over his Coppelia.


Franz and Swanhilda enter the village in a glorious wedding cart. The Mayor is ready to give them their gold dowry as Dr. Coppelius storms in, accusing the couple of destroying his workshop. Swanhilda and Franz, realizing their wrong-doing, offer him her dowry. But the Mayor won�t allow it: Sympathetic to the couple, he gives Dr. Coppelius not one but two bags of gold for his trouble. Dr. Coppelius is satisfied, wishes the couple well, and goes off. The townspeople then sit back and enjoy a festivity of dances, including the Clock Waltz, a dance celebrating Dawn, a Prayer dance, and the Wedding dance. The ballet closes with a delightful finale.


Swanhilda – Sarah London*

Franz – Miles Sollars-White

Dr. Coppelius – Christopher Lynn

Coppelia – Alexandra Best*

Swanhilda’s Friends – Nicole Allison*, Ciera Barrow*, Caroline Brown*, Bailey Butters*, Caryn Camacho*, Caroline Carlton*, Deanna Lowe*, Hunter Anne Hutchinson*, Tess Miller*, Maria Papakonstantinou*, Mia Richardson*, Elisabeth Roberts*, Meredith Woodson*

Mazurka Duet – Brandon Silverman*, Elianah Vargas*

Mazurka Corps – Sayres Alspaugh*, Emma Cory*, Emmeline Duft*, Lilian Eselgroth*, Julia Fleming*, Sarah Foley*, Shannon Grady*, Emma Grace Hutchins*, Claire Hutchinson*, Lexie Moore*, Caroline Roberts*, Emeline Ward*, Olivia Weidie*, Rose Wuertz*


==> Young Village girls – Sarah Adams, Acacia Dayton, Lily Mae Dickinson, Katie Foley, Ruthee Jester, Abegael Johnson, Gabriela Jones, Paige Kemper, Darcey Lynn, Jessica Lynn, Gracie Leonor-Spears, Ira Moul, Catherine Roberts, Kayla Schmitt, Chloe Singleton.

==> Young Village boys – Andrew Blankinship, Harry Cory, Marshall Dayton, Clark Eselgroth, Alex Harkness, Jack Hayes, MezzMyrh O'Neal.

==> Village girls – Julia Fleming*, Matilyn Hull, Erin Ikelheimer, Lexie Moore*, Jordan Santoro, Avery Sund, Rebecca Wilcox

Mayor – Eric Mueller

Gold Keeper – Brian Wuertz, Gene McNabb

Mayor’s Entourage – Laura Johnson, Heather Whitmire

Spanish Doll – Deanna Lowe*

Scottish Doll – Bailey Butters*

Mannequin Doll – Ciera Barrow*

Chinese Doll – Tess Miller*

Astronomer Doll – Maria Papakonstantinou*

Knight Doll – Caryn Camacho*

Swanhilda’s Friends Act 2 – Nicole Allison*, Caroline Brown*, Caroline Carlton*, Hunter Anne Hutchinson*, Mia Richardson*, Elisabeth Roberts*, Meredith Woodson*

Waltz of the Hours – Sayres Alspaugh*, Emma Cory*, Emmeline Duft*, Lilian Eselgroth*, Julia Fleming*, Sarah Foley*, Shannon Grady*, Emma Grace Hutchins*, Claire Hutchinson*, Lexie Moore*, Caroline Roberts*, Elianah Vargas*, Emeline Ward*, Olivia Weidie*, Rose Wuertz*

Dawn – Caroline Carlton*

Prayer – Meredith Woodson*

*BCA Pre-professional ballet program